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Sunday, December 30, 2007

i've moved.

4:16 PM

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hi world! i'm finally back to blog!
It's 2.54am now. HAHA. just hung up the phone.
i'm bored.

Yeap. My A's are just over. Dont ask me how was it.
Anyway, i've found a job for myself. i'm working 4 singtel yeap.
uh huh. thanks to nathan. i feel so bad actually. cos i kept bothering him.
kept introducing pple to him. so sry if u dun get commission for it. hahas.

hmm. anyway, what he said was really right.
i was wondering what i would do if i cant get into the 3 unis?
he said tt actually sim is fine too. ultimately, it's the course and the
degree tt matters! i mean, seriously, i wldnt wanna get into any engineering
course that i'm not interested in at all even if i've managed to get into the 3.
oh well. hmm.

so yeah. rubayn, if you're reading this. haha. okay.
i mean, yar. can meet up already la.
seriously owe you a BIG meal. hehe. dun worry, i didnt forget! (:

as i'm blogging. i'm like listening to this oldie called- sometimes when we touch.
haha. familiar rite? it's by rod steward. my dad always plays it in the car. hmm. anyway, anavil left for thailand. he's a sweet mortal of mine. hmm, pretty good at handicraft (guys gd at it...tsk. rare). hmm i wished him all the best last week and he replied too. okay la. have to show a lil' concern ma. hais. yeah. so another fren left for thailand. my bestie, kinara left for thailand about 4 yrs ago as well. why why why? our miss xiaoxian is leaving too to study in china in march. aww ):

i'm rotting already. why am i only starting work on the 10th dec? oops. my SAT is dis sat. and i havent done anything for it. hohoho. gd luck to me! oh the other day i was reading my driving book. along the way home, i was asking my parents about some scenarios u will definitely face when you're driving. so yeah. both of them held completely diff views on the SAME scenario i was asking. so, who am i suppose to listen to? LOL. sumtmes, it aint too gd a situation if both your parents drive though.

was catching up with xav the other day. it's no longer the xxxx i'm feeling. it's more like an yi han to me. afterall, it's a good thing cos i feel so carefree now! *claps* hey man, gd luck for your ns! =D

oh no, really aint feeling sleepy at all. it's 322am. haha.
anyway, i saw poh jin hui at recruit express today! he was wearing a suit for the interview. wow, and i accompanied elaine(yiliang aka cecilia's rumoured girlfren) there. omg, SUIT leh. i cldnt exactly recognise him until i was wondering why he kept staring at me.hahaha. so formal! mind you, the informal me, was wearing a miniskirt z.Z BIG contrast. tsk. anyway, tts me mah! who cares. haha.

oh and yar. i was reading ah mok's blog jus now. check dis out.

convo 1:

me: you know i dunno why, he kinda 'electrocuted' me leh. super shocked la.
mok: orh yeah (nodding while tv-ing)
me: OH! ah mok you noe sth?
mok: huh. wad thing?
me: i used the wrong word! no wonder it sound funny!
mok: wad word? oh u mean 'electocuted'? haha. tt means it's lyk the cartoon type rite? after tt will see your skeleton kind.
me: sorry. i meant 'electrified' z.Z HAHA. you dumb lar. you didnt realise my mistake?

lol. wad a stupid convo.
anyway, i've got another 1 here. this proves tt ah mok is blurrer than me k!

mok: eh, lets go fly cake!
me: HUH? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. i tink i noe wad u meant.
mok: ignoring me. continued to tok about flying cake.
me: excuse me, you said fly cake!
mok: oh, i meant fly KITE! ahahhahaha!

another bimbo. anyway, really love talking to her. hehe!
aww~i bought 3 tops today. i'm wearing it to work you see. haha. okay. i love it. especially the purple one. haha. my fav colour =D how's mr cecilia doing in taiwan now? LOL. TAN YI LIANG. i wan present =D KEKE.

mok is coming for a stayover on wed. i'm so excited!! aye. so sorry. the dancing set is at aljunied. i only brought back the PS. paiseh. oh guys, there's dis bak kut teh shop near my hse and dis roti prata shop as well tts opens for 24 hrs daily without fail. OMG. i just realised it ydae. super dumb. (only realised it 4 months after moving in) ah mok. we shall have bak kut teh for supper! haha. sinful leh. tsk tsk.

anyway, here are some photos of me and turtle.

aye. okay. i look super ugly inside.

guys, ever heard of secondhand serenade? omg. john presley rawks! i love every single song of his. cos it's the genre i like best! haha. it's kinda rock, indie, acoustic, hard punk kinda music. anyway, gotta order online for his cds. cos it's not available in sg. probably only in the states. he's really gr8 la! =D

okay. gotta end off here. x)
p.s. your knuckles action really reminds me of my past. hmm.

2:54 AM

Monday, October 15, 2007

couple of photos here and there...

was studying at nlb today.
saw wanding, ruo wei, wei chong, akimullah, li en, xinyi, wai kit, noriko today.
omg. so many pple are mugging. damn scary.
hmm. my mum's hospitalised. hope tt she'll be discharged soon.
i'm visiting her aft sch 2mr.
hope my aunt's well too. she just had a operation today. sian.
anyway, yl said he's gg to report on 9th jan. heard tt chew's in march. JJ's in april.
tts like so cool.
and i wonder why our class guys so cmi. dec leh.
haha. oh guys. work on ur pull ups! (: so sad. cannot enjoy life longer =X
a lvls' in 2wks. oh mama.
anyway, sth random.
it was raining heavily today. ah mok and i ran across the road. haha. and one of my slippers slipped out of my foot in the middle of the road. so i gotta ran all the way back to the middle of the road to retrieve it. omg. my heart missed a beat. damn scary. i was so afraid that the green man wld stop blinking and turn red..
ok. omg. i so love liu ming feng!

10:49 PM

Thursday, October 04, 2007

1000000000 million faces. dunno where i'm heading.
wished i hadnt knew all of these faces.
perhaps you wldnt even find me around after a levels.
oh wells.

10:49 PM

Friday, September 21, 2007

hi. i'm back to update.
life's not really tt fine anyway.
i'm jus feeling bz and stressed out.
and my relationships with my classmates are kinda screwed.
aint gonna name anyone though.
i know they read my blog for nuts.
it's strange to know tt certain pple just reads when you know tt they dislike ur style and everything. hais. cant i just be myself in my blog? why do i have to care abt wad others say? yes, it's selfish. point is, "it's my blog!"

just completed prelims.
i've given my best shot though i know it's still screwed.
oh well. sigh.
seems like i've regretted this path. yet, i'm at the final lap oredi.
there's nothing i can do but complete it well.
everything is just so screwed.
it's just, feeling eager to talk to some pple.
everytime after i start engaging myself into it,
i'll feel tt some pple are just responding for the sake of responding.
and i'll end up saying ok, 'i gtg' but in actual fact, i'm still hanging out there.
come to a point, u'll feel lyk. aye. forget it.
probably just not interested to talk to you.
drop it.
head for the organ.
head for the sticks.
do everything else but not tink abt it no more.
a levels jiayou! it's gonna be over real soon.


11:12 PM

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Create your own Friend Test here

12:21 AM

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy National Day!

heh, even though it's over.

picture of my niece standing tall. haha.

picture of sebas. erm..performing stupid actions with di. comical.

rubayn misses me. haha.

picture of a happy cake!

family steamboat (:

chalet steamboat (compare & contrast) =X

9:58 PM

.Thank you.

..:. je serai toujours autour de toi et tu ne pleuras jamais ..::




*a sweet-looking musical box =D
*an engraved ring xD

.She Listens.

When You're Gone- Avril Lavigne
What Hurts The Most- Rascal Flatts
Lips Of An Angel- Hinder
Be Without You- Mary J. Blige
Inconsolable- BSB
Over you- Chris Daughtry
One More Moment- Ronin
Why Don't You Kiss Her- Jesse McCartney
Here Without You- 3 Doors Down
That's When I Love You- Aslyn
Awake- Secondhand Serenade
It's Not Over- Secondhand Serenade
Only One- Yellowcard

Emo, acoustic, hard punk, rock, indie ((:

.Her Song.

Lily Allen- little...


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